Preaching God's Word for God's Glory

Sunday Morning Worship @ 11 am

Adult Sunday School @ 9:30 am

350 E. State Street, Eagle, ID


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What can I expect if I visit?

A warm welcome.  Biblically-sound expositional preaching. People who care about God and each other.  Casual (but not immodest) dress. A mix of older hymns and newer music. Strong coffee. Communion  celebrated at the end of every service.

What do you believe?

You can check out our statement of faith here. We also affirm The Baptist Faith and Message

Pastor John (and our leadership) are Reformed Baptist, and affirm God's sovereignty over all things, including salvation (click here for a great explanation). And while those convictions are important, our primary concern is your soul, whether you have (by faith) believed and embraced Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This is much more important than agreeing with us on eschatological or soteriological distinctives.  

Your eternal destiny depends on the believing the truth about Jesus Christ (the gospel) as revealed in God's Word. Will you please take a moment and read this?

What if I have questions?

We love questions! Please reach out via email ( or phone/text (208.779.0444).