We have three major projects we would like to complete by the year 2020:

  1. Paved Parking Lot
  2. Ministry House Removal
  3. Chapel Additions: Offices and Classrooms

Any one of these projects is currently well beyond our means, so we are trusting God that He will provide the right resources at the right time.

Why these three projects?

Paved Parking Lot

A paved parking lot will help us to provide safer and more efficient parking not only for our church members and visitors, but also for the community. Providing parking in downtown Eagle for the Saturday Market and other special events is just one of the ways we seek to be a good member of the community that God has called us to minister to.

Ministry House Removal

While the house located at the front of our property is "adequate", it was never designed to be used as an office or for classrooms, and the layout does not lend itself well to the needs of a church. It also blocks people from seeing our chapel: many people have told us they didn't even *know* there was a church on the property!

We will also be needing more classrooms, and larger office space in the future...

Chapel Additions

With our plans for removing the Ministry House, we will need to have a place for classrooms, a new nursery, and offices. Our plan is to add on to our chapel to accommodate those needs.