Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the style of preaching?

A. Expository, generally working through a book of the Bible at a time.

Q. What kind of music do you use in your worship service?

A. A mixture of hymns and more contemporary songs.

Q. How long does your service last?

A. Usually about an hour.

Q. Do you have a nursery for infants?

A. Yes. We also have a "cry room" for very young children (and their mothers) connected to our chapel, with a window so mothers can still watch and listen to the sermon.


Q. Do you have a youth group?

A. Yes! They meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30 pm until 8 pm. We are taking a break for the summer.


Q. Are you affiliated with a denomination?

A. We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. We joined the SBC for multiple reasons: in order to be a part of a community of other like-minded churches; to leverage the resources and fellowship opportunities available through the local convention; the national and worldwide cooperative mission efforts.