Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the style of preaching?

A. Expository, generally working through a book of the Bible at a time (we are currently in the gospel of John).

Q. What kind of music do you use in your worship service?

A. A mixture of hymns and more contemporary songs.

Q. How long does your service last?

A. Usually about an hour.

Q. Is there a children's service?

A. We do have a junior church for younger children, but we encourage older children to sit in the service with the adults.

Q. Do you have a nursery for infants?

A. Yes. We also have a "cry room" for very young children (and their mothers) connected to our chapel, with a window so mothers can still watch and listen to the sermon.


Q. What kind of children's ministries do you offer?

A. For younger children we have Treasure Hunter's Club during the worship service.

Q. Do you have a youth group?

A. Not at this time, but we would be happy to provide one. To start one we will need 2-4 families (with teens) committed to helping start one.


Q. Why are you seeking affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention?

A. Multiple reasons: in order to be a part of a community of other like-minded churches; to leverage the resources and fellowship opportunities available through the local convention; the national and worldwide cooperative mission efforts.