Creekside Christian Homeschool Co-op

Mission Statement/Purpose

Creekside Christian Co-op is a ministry of Creekside Baptist Church. The educational goal of Creekside Bible Co-Op is to honor God by fostering reverence for the Lord and love of learning. We want to provide children with opportunity to function in a group setting, practice their leadership and mentoring skills, and ignite the passion of discovery under adult leadership. We hope to provide educational experiences that are an extension of the home setting and provide an opportunity for families to fellowship and support each other in the Lord.

What We Do

  1. Our co-op is designed to work as a cooperative effort. Children attend classes while the parent(s) volunteer to teach or be a classroom helper, nursery helper, worship etc.   
  2. Our classes supplement a family's home education program. We start with an uplifting Opening followed by two fifty-minute classes.   
  3. We encourage families bring a sack lunch and have lunch together after classes.  


  1. We are not a school. The Co-op is designed to enhance rather than replace a family's home education program. 
  2. We do not judge differing philosophies of education, curriculum, support mechanisms, etc. held by individual families. 
  3. We function as a cooperative effort. As such, each family should be motivated by love to serve the Co-op and each other diligently. This is crucial to the success of the ministry. 
  4. We will not usurp parental authority by weakening the bond between parent and child. We are mindful that this weakening can take many subtle forms such as “you can confide in me”, or criticism of parent to child, or craving the attention of particular co-op members, etc.